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Thoughts While Shaving: Napolitano Worries That Muslims Here Will be Alienated Donatellis Foolish Advice to the GOP.

Napolitano’s Worries Typify Obama-ites.

While everyone else is wondering if the attack of Fort Hood was caused by a concerted Muslim terrorist group or represents one single Army major who is a devout Muslim and who went berserk…you’ll be happy to know that the Obama administration’s homeland security secretary is today in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for meetings with Muslims and worrying that the attack here may start an anti-Muslim backlash in this country.

Thus, a possible anti-Muslim backlash: the first concern of Janet Napolitano.

There: isn’t that reassuring to have that the first concern of homeland security…I mean, she is today in Abu Dhabi-worrying about U. S. Muslims– while working for a president of whose background we know very little…whose college grades at Occidental and Harvard Law are shut off from us…whose school writing (distinguished from books purportedly written by him) are withheld…and whose supposed attendance in Columbia University (in 1981 when he supposedly transferred there from Occidental) cannot be verified by Fox News, the only news reporting group interested…and which questioned ex-students from this era, finding no one-absolutely no one-who knew him …and like all other news agencies is unable to transcript and verification papers because they have been ordered withheld at the demand of the Obama administration…

All these things and more-culminating in a president about whom no one really knows…whose religious training is co-mingled Muslim and Christian (about which there is continuous dispute)…who has stated America is not more exceptional than any other country…who has denied we are a Christian nation…and…whose middle name is Hussein? Are we not damned fools for taking this Mystery Man on trust…and his minions who are supposedly sworn to protect our safety but whose central preoccupation is to protect Muslims from our “misunderstanding” after one of their religion slaughtered twelve of our army personnel…or are we not?

Just wondering.

Donatelli’s Reassuring Counsel.

In recent political history, Frank Donatelli has always been known as a second-ranking and third-rated coat handler and relatively minor employee in the Reagan administration who was never anything more than a deputy, assistant or under-deputy special assistant…and who when he finally became assistant to the president was easily topped by a bevy of better qualified advisers.

Now he is chairman of a thing called GO-PAC…a subaltern organization that is well down the shuffle of hierarchy but which was once headed by Newt Gingrich when he began his move upstairs as a junior congressman. The other evening Donatelli addressed the Lake County Republican Federation Dinner which I attended (gratis, thank you, dear benefactor). You’ll be interested to hear what this longtime time-server minion of Gingrich said about New York 23. You remember New York 23 where the reigning eleven Republican county chairmen in the district…all indebted to big labor as a legacy from the Dewey and Rockefeller era…sat down in a pizza parlor (yes that’s right) and endorsed the candidacy of liberal Assemblyman, pro-abort, pro-same-sex marriage, Dede Scozzafava whose husband is a high-ranking union official, working every day closely with state Democrats.

Scozzafava was nominated from the pizza parlor with no input from the grassroots. True there is no such thing as a party primary in New York thanks to generation of liberal Republicans ala Dewey, Rockefeller ad infinitum. Everything is done by convention but in this instance by grubby handshakes of all co-conspirators in a pizza parlor. No ad hoc town hall. Nothing. Talk about old-style boss politics.

Doug Hoffman was named by the Conservative Party who stood for all the things Scozzafava did not. Gingrich endorsed her promptly as a kind of sop pragmatism saying that while he doesn’t agree with her on many things, Republicans should understand the half-a-loaf theory. That’s when the smartest guy in the room proved to be the dumbest-as has happened not infrequently in the past with despite his brilliant coup to capture the House ultimately he was forced to bow out after spectacular mismanagement, ethics charges and fines and a notable extra-curricular dalliance that produced Wife No. 3…after which he became a Catholic.

Scozzafava received $900,000 from the RNC largely due to Gingrich’s influence with Michael Steele the chairman. Despite this, the polls showed Scozzafava running in third place behind Hoffman and the Democrat, Bill Owens. Scozzafava pulled out, declaring she would always stay a Republican. The next day…the next day…she endorsed Owens wholeheartedly for Congress. Now the Republican assembly leader in Albany is talking to her about loyalty.

Long story but you know it, I’m sure. Anyhow this hack Donatelli tells the Lake county Republican Federation that the object lesson in New York 23 is that Republicans should not allow themselves to be divided. Meaning that the grassroots support of Hoffman was wrong since the Big Eleven in the pizza parlor had decided for them. Meaning Republicans should learn never to challenge the system or allow the grassroots a say after the party big-wigs have determined what is good for them.

The best thing about the event was that it was not boring…not when I was on the edge of my seat witnessing a so-called GOP “leader” instruct the faithful only days after two major victories and one defeat caused by the Grand Old Party going to the tune of almost a million bucks with the decisions made in the pizza parlor. The lesson imparted by Donatelli showed once again that anybody who wants to follow Gingrich’s advice and who doesn’t know about his record of 50% goofyness and 50% genius should remember New York 23-that and go out of their way to counsel with Gingrich’s Peerless Strategist Donatelli.