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Top Winter Foot Care Tips


Foot Care

Every winter many people try to improve their skin regime to make sure that their skin does not become too dry. However, they often forget to include their feet in their daily skin care routine which can lead to cracking of the skin which can be a painful experience. Even if you use footwear for plantars foot, you need to ensure that you take care of your feet during the winter to make sure that it remains soft and supple throughout the season. You can find some relief from using better shoes and proper treatments as mentioned in .

As winter arrives, you will notice that your skin becomes more dry than usual and is also prone to wrinkles. You can use moisturizing creams to keep cracks from forming on the heels of your feet. Once cracks form, they have a tendency to bleed which can be a painful experience. Here are a few tips to help you protect your feet in winter:

· Protect Your Feet With Socks

Although this might seem like a simple task, socks have the ability to protect the skin of your feet from cuts or abrasions. Once your heels get wet, they tend to be more receptive to cuts. However, when you are wearing socks throughout the day, you tend to make sure that your feet do not become wet, thereby protecting your feet and soles from getting hurt.

· Arch Support

Although you need extra support for your feet during pregnancy or post pregnancy, it becomes even more important so during the winter season. The weight gain caused by pregnancy places a strain on the arch of the feet, making it painful for the mother to be to walk, especially in winter. You need to switch to footwear that offers arch support to avoid this insufferable pain. There are several branded footwear in the market that offers arch support and has aesthetically pleasant designs as well.

· Special Shoes For Winter Season

With cold winds becoming a normal part of every winter season, you need to take precautions to protect your feet by using appropriate footwear. Keep your summer sandals and open toed shoes aside for the summer season and switch to fully covered footwear that will protect your feet from the extreme cold. Sensitive feet need extra care since they tend to develop cracks faster.

· Moisturize Daily

Nothing can protect your skin from becoming dry better than moisturizing creams and lotions. You need to moisturize your feet every night to make sure that it stays protected during the harsh months of winter. Making this a part of your daily routine can go a long way in ensuring that you do not develop any cracks in your heels this winter season.

· Get A Pedicure

Your feet are just like every other part of your body and needs to be taken care of during winter. Scheduling a pedicure once every two weeks can help remove all the dead skin cells and give way to soft and supple skin. This prevents your skin from becoming dry quickly during winter.

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