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Excellent Pest Control Remedies for Effective Results


Pest Control Remedies

Pest control generally means a method of managing pests around your environment that can have adverse impacts on human activities. To keep away pest from your home and garden, you can remove, kill or set up a barrier that can prevent them from destructing plants and entering your house. You can say no to bugs by some effective homemade pest control remedies by just combining some readily available household products. You can also consider some other alternatives, like pesticides which are chemically designed to harm and kill insects. Such pesticides include herbicide for weed managing, insecticides for controlling insects, rodenticides helps in rodent control and fungicides used for mould and fungi control. Click here and know various other ways that experts suggest to stay away from insects and bugs

Ideal strategies for pest control in your home and garden
The garlic and mint insect spray is a fantastic alternative to keep your garden bug free. Do not let the bugs ruin your garden party by this excellent remedy. Making this solution, on the other hand, is very easy and less time taking. You need to take some garlic cloves and mint leaves and then blend them in a juicer mixer. Add some cayenne pepper and a drop or two of dish washing gel to the mixture. Boil the whole thing properly and let it cool overnight. The next morning all you have to do is strain the solution in a bottle and spray it to your plants. It will surely keep away bugs and insects from ruining the greenery of your garden.

Many of you surely love coffee but remember the pests and critters hate it. So, coffee grounds are another fantastic way to keep your garden pest-free. For ants especially, coffee grounds can be deadly. Spread some recycled coffee grounds around your home where the density you think is more and voila! You will find the ants relatively less, and with time you can get rid of the ants and other harmful insects.

Another hack for managing the ants away from your home is the combination of borax and sugar. Many of you may be amazed to know that you can keep away ants by using sugar, where sugars usually attract ants. For this, you will have to make a solution of half a cup of sugar with one cup of warm water and add required spoons of borax into it. Mix the solution properly till it turns into a thick jelly and places it in the ants’ March line. With no time your pest problem will turn into real fun.

Deal with pests in your home and garden with the help of this fine dust mite repellent spray. You will need to mix lavender, peppermint, clove or rosemary oil in a bottle of water and spray it lightly to your bed and different parts of your room to get rid of mites completely. The solution can be fatal for bugs, and they will try to stay away from this scent. For better results, you can also try a mixture of lemongrass and basil and spread it at required places, which not only repel dust mites but also eliminates lice and fleas.

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