Benefits Of Cranberries For Your Skin, Health and Hair

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Benefits Of Cranberries

Cranberries can be called one of nature’s many gifts to the people on the earth. This spectacular fruit is a beautiful glossy shade of red. Although it tastes a bit bitter, it is filled with plenty of essential vitamins and antioxidants that are deemed to be extremely beneficial for human beings. You can check it out at one of the many informational articles at by medical professionals.

Health Benefits Offered By Cranberries

  • Cranberries are a great way to stay clear of urinary tract infections. May doctors advise women to have a glass of cranberry juice a day to help with their immunity levels and even improve their reproductive ability.
  • Cranberries are an excellent way to get your sec glands running. They act as an aphrodisiac for men.
  • If you are having a bad case of dysentery, all you need to do is have some cranberry juice to make it stop.
  • Say goodbye to those awful acne scars by applying some cranberry fruit pulp on your face for around 5 minutes. Your face will soon be glowing naturally and blemish free as well.
  • The antioxidants in cranberries are one of the reasons they are considered to be a great way to remove the free radicals in your body and slow down the ageing process. Stay young by adding cranberries to your diet.
  • Cranberries are also great for heart patients and as it reduces the bad cholesterol levels that clog up your artery walls.

Skin Benefits Offered By Cranberries

The presence of Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3 and antioxidants in cranberries makes it a great way to protect your beautiful skin from any kind of harm caused by environmental factors. No more clogged pores or erupting pimples. Cranberries are also rich in Vitamin C which is responsible for the formations of hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine and amino acids that are responsible for ensuring that your skin remains supple and soft. The acidic nature of cranberries also helps to treat oily skin. It can be added to any exfoliating mixture to get an oil-free look.

Hair Benefits Offered By Cranberries

If you are cautious of using chemical hair coloring products to try out new hair color, cranberries are the safest solution for you. All you need to do is mix a cup of cranberry juice along with a quarter cup of water. Use this mix for the final rinse after you wash your hair. It will make your hair look bright and have a rich texture as well. The Vitamin A and Vitamin C in cranberries also help your hair grow healthy and strong. It is also responsible for keeping pesky scalp conditions like dandruff at bay.

At the end of the day, cranberries have several benefits that make it important to add them to your diet one way or the other. You can opt to eat fresh cranberries or have them in the form of healthy juice. Some people like to add a handful of cranberries to their smoothies for a bit of flavor and color. As long as you can take it some form, you can benefit from all the goodness that these magical berries offer you.

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